About Us

Dave Cullen is a student of film and television having studied Media Techniques and Journalism from Griffith College Dublin in 2003.
In the same year he produced and directed a documentary with NASA in Washington DC entitled “From Red to Green: The Future of Mars”, a 30 minute film, which he also narrated and edited. The film was well received and aired on Irish Televlsion in February of 2004. Cullen continued to work within the television and media industry for several years, collaborating on Music Video projects, corporate presentations as well as outside broadcasting. He is also a fully qualified Final Cut Pro editor and is an Oxygen Media Award Winner.┬áHe achieved his Honors Degree in Journalism and Visual Media in 2012.

Over the years his love of technology and computing has taken centre seat and he has worked in data centre tech support roles for the likes of Hewlett Packard. In 2008 his Youtube channel: Lack78 has provided up to date technology related videos and has grown in popularity world wide with over 8 million Channel Views. In 2011 he founded Computingforever.com where he now works full time as senior editor and chief.

Dave’s interests outside of the world of Computing include Motor Sports, Travel, Rock Music, Health and Fitness and Munster Rugby.

Following the enormous success of his Lack78 Channel, Dave has also created a spin off YouTube Channel called DaveKnowsStuff. This Channel is dedicated to non Tech related video blogs in which Dave discusses and rants about such topics as politics, society, science, movies, travel, personal anecdotes and life in general.