The Internet has become our new public square, the problem is that leftists have made meaningful political discourse regarding politics almost impossible. Disagreement with the agreed upon narrative on any major hot button issue will have a person branded as a bigot, racist or some kind of ‘phobe’.

To fight an information war, alternative media voices need to be empowered by their audiences because corporate advertising is not a viable means to sufficiently monetise the important work of independent journalists, philosophers and commentators. We need your help.

The mainstream media, political establishment, globalist technology oligarchs, Hollywood elites and Marxist academics are beginning to lose their grip on the dominant culture and this scares them. Consequently we are in danger of entering into the abyss of new censorship dark age online. Hate speech has become a term used to define any speech that leftists despise.

George Orwell once said that “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act”. Here we are, attempting to genuinely speak truth to power against the moral and cultural relativists, nihilists and leftist liberal ideologues of our generation. Content creators such as myself face the constant threat of demonetization, censorship and de-platforming. By breaking free of the ecosystems of the partisan establishment social networks, we can become truly independent and beholden only to you guys, our audiences. The information war can continue.

Please support my work online in any way you can, your backing is enormously appreciated.

Many Thanks,

Dave Cullen


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