dell chromebook 13Chromebooks continue to grow as a product category. Consumers have slowly begun to embrace them as an affordable alternative to more expensive notebooks and Google’s free online apps make it a great option for students. Now Dell is aiming to bring their latest Chromebook into the workplace.

If you can stand the fact that you’re not running Windows and you need a web connection to run Google Chrome, the specs are quite reasonable. The display is a 13.3-inch FHD IPS touchscreen with a fifth gen Intel Core series processor. The clamshell is comprised of carbon fibre materials, there’s also a backlit keyboard. Below the keyboard, the palm rest is made of magnesium alloy and the trackpad is made from glass, similar to most high-end ultrabooks. The device features a battery life of 12 hours.

To help attract the Enterprise and business market, Dell has bundled a number of key security features. Dell KACE is supported, which specialises in computer appliances for systems management of information technology equipment. They offer software for security, application virtualisation and systems management. Users can also gain secure access to company resources and other business IT-centric VPN features through the preinstalled Dell SonicWALL Mobile Connect app.

Browser protection, advanced firewall settings and content filtering comes included also.

The new Dell Chromebook 13 will be available to buy on September 17th and starts from $399.


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