Microsoft Windows 10: What do you think so far?

The Internet is abuzz with eager downloaders frantically pulling down Microsoft’s latest operating system, Windows 10. Launched this morning at 5am GMT, Windows 10 offers plenty of new and exciting features, not least of which is the reintroduction of the start menu.

Windows 10

In addition, Windows 10 improves multi-tasking capabilities with four-way snapping so that a user can divide the screen for more productivity. Virtual desktops can now be added also.

Microsoft has retired Internet Explorer and replaces it with the new Microsoft Edge browser. Edge boasts built-in inking capabilities allowing users to write directly onto a web page and quickly share annotated images. Microsoft have also added a simplified reading mode, which allows users to remove onscreen distractions like sidebars and advertisements.

Thanks to innovations with DirectX 12 technology, gamers can now play Xbox games on Windows 10 with access to a vast array of popular console titles. In addition, the Game DVR app lets users record their coolest moments and gaming achievements for sharing with friends and family on social media.

Windows 10 also has a slightly smaller storage footprint on your hard drive, with the 32-bit edition giving you back 1.5GB of space and the 64-bit edition restoring 2.6GB of space.

Above all else, Windows 10 is a free upgrade. Assuming your computer meets the minimum specifications to run Windows 10 and you have a registered Windows 7 or Windows 8 licence, you can upgrade for free within the first year of launch. So in today’s tech question, I’m asking you, What do you think of Windows 10 so far?


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