So you make YouTube videos and you want to increase the visibility of your channel. Well here’s 4 Bullshit YouTube content creation strategies that you really need to ignore.


1. Channel Trailers are nonsense and no one watches them. Don’t bother making one. YouTube introduced channel trailers a couple of years ago to help content creators quickly explain their channels to newcomers who visit their main channel home page. Trouble is, they are a bad example of your channel is all about. The best channel trailer to use, isn’t some fast, paced 30 second channel promo, but one of your most viewed and successful videos. Your best video should be displayed and featured on your channel page. No one cares about trailers, they’re just another glorified YouTube advertisement, and we already know how much people resent ads online. Give your viewers a video that is engaging to watch and represents your brand and channel at its very best.

2: Intro sequences: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if you’re going to use one, use it sparingly and keeping it short. Viewers really don’t to waste time viewing an intrusive video. It can often get in the way and the audience’s attention span is pretty tiny, get to the point quickly. My advice is that you use your intro once in every three videos.

3: Keep all your videos short: Bullshit! Not all your videos have to be 3 minutes or less. While it’s certainly true the attention spans are pretty short these days, I find myself watching plenty of long form videos on YouTube. So long as the content is engaging and thought provoking, people will watch your video to the end. Admittedly 10 to 20 minute videos are not everyone’s cup of tea but some types of content and certain topics and issues just can’t be summed up in some short snappy fast-paced video. So long as you can keep your video’s message on point and entertaining, you can certainly make content with an extended running time.

4: Don’t deviate from your chosen topic: Bullshit! Don’t be afraid to vary your content. My channel is mainly tech-focused but occasionally producing non-tech videos is a great way to keep the channel fresh and discover what other topics your audience will engage with. It can also help to attract a more general audience to your channel and from their, they will may find that your primary content is also of interest to them.

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