How to Become More Popular on YouTube

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So you want to be more popular. Well I can’t help you with that but I can help you become more popular on YouTube.

There are 5 key ingredients to a successful YouTube channel and whether you’ve got a niche subscriber base, a large amount of subscribers or a gigantic amount of subscribers, these 5 things will make your channel pop even more. This five part strategy has worked for my channel, growing my monthly view count numbers from 79,000 to 300,000 over the course of a year and growing my average monthly subscriber rate from 159 to over 2000.

These 5 critical ingredients are:


1 Value: Try to insert something unique and entirely of your own creation into your videos. If you do movie review videos, product reviews, unboxings, video game let’s plays, make-up tutorials whatever it is, offer a unique view, inject your own personality into it, give an opinion that’s your very own. Don’t just state facts or bore people with the same old content, be original, be interesting, be memorable.

2: Consistency: Be consistent, if you say you’re going to be successful on YouTube, you’ve got to be churning out high quality videos regularly. If you make videos three times per week, stick to that schedule. Let people know when they can expect your next video. If it’s Monday, Wednesday and Friday, keep that promise.

3: Entertainment: Make your videos fun to watch somehow, give them some life, humour or make them visually interesting to look at. A short snappy, well edited video that’s easy to watch will no doubt get more views and be shared far more often.

4: Optimisation: Conduct some keyword research, check out videos of similar content genres to your own. Check out the video titles that work best, populate the description field, create an awesome thumbnail image that’s going to attract people to click on it. Then make sure you post a supporting blog post on your website with the video embedded within it. Build relationships with other YouTubers, collaborate with them and offer to write articles for their website with your videos embedded within them. Share the hell out of all your content on your social media.

5: Analysis: Research your YouTube stats in the analytics system and look for patterns. What’s working? What isn’t working? Look at the videos that are bringing in the most views and replicate whatever it is that’s working about those videos.

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