Why January Adsense Earnings are Low on YouTube and How to Compensate

In my book, Living Off YouTube, I talk about the ways in which you can grow your audience, build a sustainable business and monetise your videos beyond Adsense. But I also go into detail about the challenges associated with being a professional YouTuber, the technical obstacles you’ll encounter, the annoying bugs and the changes Google make to their search algorithm that will occasionally make your life difficult.

January Adsense, January Adsense

But what I didn’t cover was perhaps the most frustrating and financially taxing problem you’ll face on YouTube. The month of January!

If you’ve been working on YouTube for a while, you’ll know that January is a month in which Adsense earnings drop like a stone, despite the fact that you may be working as hard as ever. The reason for this is simply Christmas. From November to December 31st, big brand advertisers spend enormous amounts of money in marketing and advertising. Consequently the ads on your videos are worth more than usual. Sadly all of their marketing spend is depleted by January and the ads are now worth only a fraction of what they were in December.

January Adsense earnings are pretty bleak on YouTube, so how do you get around this? Well for starters, you should develop a content plan for January as far back as early December. Your video output should actually increase in January in order to compensate for the earnings decrease. Try to create videos that aren’t as time sensitive in this period, that way they will begin earning you more money later in the year.

Because January Adsense earnings simply cannot be relied upon, try to develop bespoke video advertising partnerships with businesses. Look for sponsorships and collaborations with brands. Offer them shoutouts and product reviews for a small fee. One of the best ways of discovering sponsorship opportunities is through the website Famebit, which is a great marketplace for YouTubers to find additional revenue, through private advertising arrangements outside of Adsense.

If you’re writing a book, launching merchandise, producing exclusive premium video content on Patreon, or simply enabling PayPal or YouTube Tip Jar donations, January is the month to do it. You’ll need to create any number of alternative revenue streams to help keep the wolf from the door in January. February isn’t exactly a barrel of fun either, things don’t really start picking up until late February early March. So stay strong, keep making your videos and they will eventually begin earning you more money in the more prosperous months of the year.

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