The post-PC era has changed the way we interact with our computers forever. This new age in computing has been enabled by breakthroughs in wireless and mobile technologies and developments in display and battery engineering. Consequently our tech devices are more human friendly, with simplified intuitive operating systems that are easy to understand and multitouch-based input that has revolutionised how we control them.

The desktop computer is slowly becoming a relic of a bygone era of computing, at least in the consumer sense. While it will certainly live on in certain industries, as Steve Jobs once described it, desktops are like trucks, while tablets and smartphones are more like cars.

The laptop will remain a staple for many users for some time to come, but it is becoming the natural successor of the traditional desktop machine. While it’s easy to simply believe that the tablet will become the obvious replacement to the desktop and laptop, the future of relatively new product categories is often difficult to predict. Already the mid-sized tablet is being cannibalised by the phablet, which is a larger form factor smartphone.

The future of computing and where consumer devices will go is certainly an interesting debate. So in Today’s Tech Question I’m asking you: Rank in order of importance to your computing habits with Number 1 being the most important and number Number 4 being the least important: Desktop, Laptop, Smartphone and Tablet.

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