5 Bizarre Technology Facts

Now it’s time to run through some truly Bizarre Technology Facts

Number 1: There are lots of forms of tech-based communication nowadays, from social media platforms to video chatting, but I don’t think anyone would disagree that email is among the most prolific and important. So I can totally get on board with the fact that 60 billion emails are sent worldwide everyday. What I find extremely disturbing is that 97% of these emails are spam. Of course spam comes in many forms, from annoying PR and marketing garbage to downright scam emailing. Regardless, it just goes to show that the signal to noise ratio on the web is higher than ever.

Number 2: Amazingly, the words Laptop Machines is an anagram of Apple Macintosh. What where the odds that in 1984, Steve Jobs and Apple would develop a new computer that would be an anagram of a future product category that wouldn’t be developed until many years later? Kind of freaky.

Number 3: The Human brain has an estimated storage capacity of 256 exabytes, which is 256 billion gigabytes. If this storage was placed onto CDs, they would create a stack that would reach from the Earth to out beyond the Moon.

Number 4: YouTube just keeps on getting bigger. I’ve often wondered when we’ll have a major data loss on this site and YouTubers will lose some of their videos, but it’s never happened thankfully. Hopefully it never will. Recent reports indicate that more than 24 hours of video footage is uploaded every minute on YouTube. With no truly significant competition to YouTube, we can only expect that number to increase.

Number 5: Webcams are a common computer component nowadays. They feature in everything from tablets to laptops and even desktop computers. But they had a rather interesting and slightly humorous beginning. The first webcam was used in 1991 by Cambridge researchers who wanted to check the status of a coffee pot in another room without having to leave their desk.

So that concludes my look at some truly bizarre technology facts. For more tech video content, subscribe to Computing Forever on YouTube.


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