5 Signs of Smartphone Addiction

Now it’s time to give you a run down of the 5 signs you’re addicted to your smartphone.

Number 1: You feel genuinely anxious when you are without your smartphone. Accidentally leaving your phone at home or misplacing it fills you with dread and significant discomfort to the point of panic. If your smartphone feels more like a fifth limb you can’t live without, then you have an unhealthy dependance on it.

Number 2: During a face to face conversation with someone, you find it hard to maintain focus and concentration on what you’re talking about. You lose eye contact with them as you zone out and start thinking about checking your emails, Facebook notifications or seeing if someone’s left you a message. Your smartphone seems to leave your mind in a hyper active and constantly distracted state and you find yourself reaching for your phone without even thinking about it.

Number 3: You’re in a public place with friends or family but you spend more time playing around on your phone then conversing with them. Perhaps you’re at the dinner table and you regularly feel the compulsion to check your phone. Worse still, your friends and family start complaining about how antisocial your behaviour has become. This is another one of the signs of smartphone addiction.

Number 4: You notice that your smartphone is starting to get in the way of your life. You spend an exorbitant about of time with your head buried in your smartphone screen and find hours passing by playing Candy Crush or messing about on Instagram or Snapchat. Your time keeping suffers and you start showing up late for things when you were once highly punctual. You begin to realise how unreliable you’ve become. Technology is wonderful when used in the right ways and to the right degrees, but when it ends up making us busier to the point where we lose touch with what’s actually important, then we need to make a change.

Number 5: You feel the need to document everything in your life. With social media and a smartphone camera, it’s possible to document almost everything you do in your day-to-day life. But is it really necessary? Maybe you’re at a rock concert and you find yourself not really watching the event but merely watching it through your smartphone screen. People seem to do these kinds of things to show off to their friends and work colleagues that they were at some awesome rock concert, but guess what, that’s both needy and approval seeking behaviour and no one wants to watch that footage. It probably looks and sounds like crap anyway. If you find yourself less engaged in your life and more like an observer instead of a participant, then it’s time to put the smartphone down.

So those were just some of the signs of smartphone addiction, these amazing devices should probably come with a health warning in my view. A kind of caution about the potential dangers of overuse. So let me know your thoughts on this issue.

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