5 Things I Hate about the Internet

Ah the Internet, remember when it was first commercialised in the 90s and we used to call it the World Wide Web or ‘The Net’.

The Internet was made possible obviously because of computers, but now the primary reason computers exist is because of the Internet. A magnificent virtual force of infinite zeros and ones that binds the world together with web sites, apps, media, communications, information and so much more besides. But for all its brilliance, the Internet has its probl5 Things I Hate about the Internet, 5 Things I Hate about the Internetems too.

This is my List of 5 Things I Hate about the Internet.

Number 1: Trolling and hostile and aggressive comments. Angry comments, offensive remarks and defamation are rife across the web. Of course most people are perfectly pleasant, for some reason there is a disproportionately large amount of negativity and general abuse to be received on the web than there is in real life. It seems the anonymity of an online avatar brings out a monstrous side to certain people. So what does this say about us as a society when a vocal minority of us are willing to be incredibly cruel when we know we can get away with it and perfectly nice in the real world? For whatever reason, people feel the need to vent their frustrations online.

Number 2: Pop up browser advertisements. You know the ads that open a new browser tab to a website you have no interest in visiting, it’s just intrusive and unwanted. I mean who actually clicks on this crap?

Number 3: Spam emails: It’s amazing how much crap comes through my mailbox. Dodgy Scam Loans, Chinese wholesaler junk products, Questionable pharmaceuticals and the most random and purely written English sentences you’ll ever read. How anyone falls for these scams is beyond me. They’ve just become an unfortunate product of life on the Internet.

Number 4: Java and Flash browser plug-ins: Did we really need to make certain types of web media content dependant on these antiquated plug-ins. I mean if you could rewrite web technologies from scratch, wouldn’t you jettison these annoying but apparently necessary services? I cannot abide how many web browsers either don’t come with these kinds of plug-ins installed or they aren’t compatible with them. Worse still, it seems they need constant updating and are often prone to exploits and security threats. Here’s hoping future web infrastructure won’t be reliant on things like JAVA and Flash.

Number 5: Finally the thing I hate the most about the web right now is how journalism has become less about reporting on the issues happening in our society and more about reporting on whats trending on social media. What hashtags are hot or not. Now I’m not saying that hashtags on Twitter and Google+ aren’t a great way to further a conversation on an issue globally. But rather than offering new context and new ideas on a subject, many mainstream news sources simply observe and regurgitate what they witness on social media. They are more concerned with ranking and generating traffic to their websites rather than offering a new and intellectual take on an issue.

So that was my list of 5 Things I Hate about the Internet, what do you hate about the Internet? Leave your comments below.

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