5 Myths about Apple.

Number 1: Macs don’t get viruses. False! There are plenty of viruses and malware out there for Macs, just a lot less than Windows PCs. Malware developers prefer to target Windows-based machines because there are a lot more of them. Windows still holds over 90% of the market and these morally bankrupt individuals want to affect as many users as possible. But that doesn’t mean Mac users should become complacent. Always be vigilant when downloading stuff from unrecognised sources.

5 myths about Apple

Number 2: Macs aren’t overpriced. False! I’ve seen lots of videos and blogs stating that Apple computers aren’t overpriced but the truth is they are. However, it’s a common misconception that they are way overpriced. They aren’t nearly as overpriced as you might think. Apple don’t produce low end computers, which is why many people seem to believe that they are so very pricey. Apple generally ship machines with higher end build quality and above average specs with a few exceptions.

It’s their Mac OS X operating system that is the real selling point and helps to justify their higher prices. But Apple can only hide behind build quality and Mac OS X for so long. It would be a lot cheaper to build a PC with the same specs as the entry-level Mac Pro, but then again, it you wouldn’t get that gorgeous space age coffee machine look now would you? Assuming you care about design aesthetics.

The myth about the Apple logoNumber 3: The Apple logo design is a tribute to Alan Turning, the legendary mathematician and computer scientist who committed suicide in 1954 by eating a poisoned Apple. False!

Although Steve Jobs has admitted that he wished that were true but it’s not. The designer of the logo Rob Janoff said it’s an urban legend.

The bite in the Apple logo is there purely in order to provide some sense of  scale to the image and ensure that it won’t be mistaken as a cherry. How clever.

Number 4: Apple invented the Tablet computer. False! Tablets have existed in some form or another for a long time. Windows XP and Windows 7 tablets were around long before 2010, although it’s fair to say that the iPad was the first that was properly designed for the mass consumer market.

It's a myth that the iPad was the first tablet computer

Prior to the iPad, tablets were mainly for very niche business purposes and relied on full Windows as their OS. They were expensive, bulky and heavy and considering Windows 7 and XP were designed for mouse and keyboard input, the touch interface was quite painful and unintuitive to use.

Number 5: Macs never crash. Super False! Ok this is just a ridiculous myth. While there’s no doubt that Apple once produced much more stable machines than Windows-based PCs, there quality control after OS X Snow Leopard really has declined. Final Cut Pro X crashes a lot more than previous versions and the Finder is just too glitchy for my liking. Macs do crash, let no one tell you otherwise.

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