NewsJacking to help boost your YouTube ViewsNewsJacking is the art of using current trending news stories in your content to help promote your business, blog or in this case your YouTube video. It is often known as real-time marketing. So maybe you make YouTube videos about business advice and you’re struggling to get views, with NewsJacking you associate your new video with a big important news story or event everyone is talking about. This applies for written blogs too.

For example, when I worked for a recruitment company a while back I used to write the company’s career advice articles for jobseekers. I would also would occasionally write blogs from the perspective of employers too. I once wrote an article about the importance of Teamwork in the workplace and associated it with a big trending story at the time, which was The British and Irish Lions Rugby team, they were on their tour of Australia at that point. The article was called Teamwork: What the modern workplace can learn from the British and Irish Lions.

NewsJacking is everywhere right now and brands use it to sell their products very effectively like last year during the Oscars, Special K released some online ads on Twitter with their new popcorn chips spindled across a red carpet. Last year, So it’s about capitalising on newsworthy items to promote your content.

When making your YouTube videos about any particular topic, you’ll get a lot more views if you’re intimately familiar with Google Trends. Find out what stories are hot right now by using Google Trends and try to anchor your videos to those kinds of stories.

Let’s say make YouTube lifestyle coaching videos providing people with fitness and healthy eating advice. Maybe you could produce a video in which you talk about the fitness regimen of the hottest Hollywood celebrity or sports star that day.

If you make business advice videos for budding entrepreneurs and let’s say Richard Branson happens to be in the news that week, maybe you could talk about 10 things every entrepreneur can learn from Richard Branson. YouTubers who produce Makeup tutorial videos do this all the time when they make videos explaining how to achieve the look and style of a popular TV or film star.

NewsJacking is nothing new, newspapers have been doing it for years. Whatever you do, make sure it’s well researched and you put your own unique spin on it. You don’t want to have only a very loose association with the news story in your video because otherwise it’s just cheap click bait content and everyone resents that. It’s deceptive and just wrong. You might not agree with NewsJacking as a concept and I’m personally against doing it too often. But this is what big YouTubers do all the time and it works for them. It’s not something I think you should do often as people grow tired of it.

NewsJacking is really just a useful tool for when you’re trying to establish your channel and get your foot in the door with a new audience. It creates some initial exposure for you and hopefully those new subscribers you get will stick around and appreciate the rest of your content too.

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