5 Hot San Francisco Startups To Keep Your Eye On

San Francisco’s Silicon Valley remains the epicentre for technology and online business-related innovation. The Northern California tech hub has become a focal point for global entrepreneurship and is home to countless successful startups.

There are plenty of exciting San Francisco Startups to watch in 2014
There are plenty of exciting San Francisco Startups to watch in 2014

Although it’s possible to create a fantastic game-changing product anywhere in the world, San Francisco’s Bay Area contains the right blend of positive can-do attitude, creativity and talent to allow business dreams to flourish.

In this article, we’re going to highlight 5 recent San Francisco-based Startups to watch in 2014.

Elepath - San Francisco Startups1. Elepath 

Elepath’s innovative new CMS (Content management system) is called Exposure and it allows users to create beautiful photo narratives that look wonderful across all types of screens from PC, tablet and smartphone. It’s a clever and aesthetically pleasing way to showcase your photos and build a story around them. VentureBeat has cited Elepath as being the “Best Design Service of 2013.” At present Elepath is comprised of just seven people but they intend to grow considerably over the next year.

Circa - San Francisco Startups2. Circa 

Circa first hit the iOS store with their iPhone app in late 2012. Their aim was to change how smartphone users find and cosume breaking news. Their slogan is “Save time, stay informed”. They managed to successfully poach Reuters’ social media editor Anthony De Rosa this year. He now serves as editor in chief of the Circa team of reporters. The Circa app can now also be found in the Google Play store for Android devices.

Clinkle - San Francisco Startups3. Clinkle

Clinkle’s 22-year-old founder, Lucas Duplan managed to raise more than $25 million in June of 2013 year from several big investors including the likes of Intel, Accel Partners and Andreessen Horowitz and Intuit.

In September, of last year,  more than 100,000 people were reportedly on the waiting list to use the app. The app is a new kind of virtual wallet that treats you and your friends to fun prizes. It allows users to send money to their friends, make payments and send treats with a photo and a message.

Smartsy - San Francisco Startups4. Smartsy

Smartsy lets users snap photos with their smartphone of things they like from their favourite print magazines and objects, which they can instantly collect, buy and share with friends online. Their sophisticated visual recognition software takes real world physical objects and launches a branded digital experience for the user.

Rockerbox - San Francisco Startups5. Rockerbox

The final company in our Top 5 list of San Francisco Startups. Rockerbox is billed as “real-time user intent for marketers”. It helps companies reach their customers through advertisements and encourages them to make purchases when they are in the right frame of mind. Rockerbox achieves this by analyzing the customer’s hyper-recent browsing behaviour rather than their browsing history of the previous days or weeks. This makes Rockerbox a far more effective marketing tool.

Be sure to comment below with any other San Francisco Startups that you think will make a big splash over the next year.

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