So you want to make a Living off YouTube? Well in this article, we’re going to discuss some of the common mistakes YouTube video producers and vloggers make that seriously compromise their ability to run a successful YouTube business.

living off youtube

My name is Dave Cullen from Computing and author of the book, Living Off YouTube: A Complete Guide to Turning Your YouTube Channel into a Full-Time Job.

Number 1: They Fail to Create a Content Plan

Consistency on YouTube is an essential ingredient to success. In order for your audience to stay engaged and for them to become subscribers of your channel, you have to produce videos regularly and let them know when they can expect the next video. Furthermore, you should never find yourself waking up in the morning asking yourself: “What should I make a video about today?” You’ve got to have a weekly or monthly content plan in place. Draw one up at the beginning of each week and map out what you’re going to make videos about for that week. Of course you should always allow for a little bit of flexibility and spontaneity in the schedule also.

Number 2: They Don’t Assess What’s Working and What’s Not

In other words, they don’t conduct a performance review of their channel. This is where becoming intimately familiar with your YouTube Analytics data is really important. If there are certain types of videos and certain topics that receive more views than others, then it’s important for you to consider focusing your content more and more on those kinds of areas. I don’t mean to say that you should be repeating yourself, but if you find that there are certain kinds of genres and topics that your subscribers respond more to and garner more views, then you should produce more of those kinds of videos. It seems obvious but YouTubers often fail to make this connection because they wish to rigidly stick to the primary theme of their channel.

Number 3: They Don’t Make Use of Annotations

Annotations are onscreen links and shortcuts that allow you to advertise your other videos, enable people to subscribe to your channel and even direct people to your website. You should make use of annotations in every one of your videos. I always include an annotation in the top left-hand corner of my videos directing to my previous videos. I also include annotations to featured videos at the end of my videos and rap one around a big red subscribe button to encourage new viewers to keep up to date with my content.

Number 4: They Fail to Build a Relationship with their Subscribers

It’s not enough to simply make a video, upload it and then leave your subscribers to comment on it without ever engaging with them or responding to them. As your channel grows and your view counts increase, it won’t always be possible to reply to every comment, but it’s vital that you take the time to reply to as many as you can. Your subscribers are the most important aspect of your channel and should be treated like customers of your business. Respond to their emails when they contact you, allow them to send in questions to you via social media and take the time to produce an occasional questions and answers video.

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