Yahoo AnswersYahoo Answers, a great resource for Answers to questions for people too lazy to read them in a book or at the very least, look them up on Wikipedia. 

So as you might image, the quality of questions can be a bit of a mixed bag with enquiries ranging from truly thought provoking to “Holy Shit, how did even manage to turn on your computer in order to write this question?” 

Thankfully, the bizarre questions provide enormous entertainment value. So in this article we’re going look at the 20 Most Ridiculous Questions Asked on Yahoo Answers. 

Number 1: Does looking a Picture of the Sun Hurt your Eyes? 

Number 2: How can I convince my wife to let our hot maid sleep in between us at night? Please Help? 

Number 3: Is it okay to boil headphones? 

I let my younger brother use my headphones, and he used them for evil. He listened to the absolute WORST music on the planet, and I am so ashamed. He stole me headphones’ innocence. Can I boil them, in attempt to drive the evil out?

If not, how can I get rid of the evil in them?

Number 4: Why Do my Balls Smell Like Ham?

Number 5: How turn computer monitor into Mirror? 

Number 6: Is it ok to touch yourself when you hear parents have sex? 

Number 7: I have Lesbian lunch guests tomorrow. Any hints and Tips? 

I have a couple of lesbian friends from work coming over for a light lunch tomorrow. We have known each other for about five years but have only met a handful of time because they live so far away. I would like to cook them some authentic lesbian food but don’t much about it. I’m doing lamb and chickpea stew as a main but I’d like to do a nice, light lesbian dessert too.

Any ideas? I don’t know if lesbian food varies between regions but if it does, they’re from Tripoli. 

Number 8: Evolutionists, how come animals have not evolved to fly around outer space outside the atmosphere of Earth? 

Number 9: Why do dogs sniff the grass and suddenly start rubbing their face and rolling their body in it? 

Answer: Same reason I do, it feels Great!!

Number 10: Why are deep sea Fishes So Ugly? 

Answer: That’s why they live at the bottom of the sea. They’re self-conscious.

Number 11: Do you think NASA invented thunderstorms to cover up the sound of space battles? 

Number 12: If I eat myself would I become twice as big or disappear completely? 

Number 13: When a guy says, Go make me a sandwich, what’s a good comeback? 

Answer: Well, you better comeback with a god damn sandwich. 

Number 14: Why does my arm shake and turn bright red when I’m eating dirt? 

Number 15: Girlfriend ain’t had her period since she got pregnant? 

Number 16: I sold my only car to help pay for gas money, but now gas has come down in price, how do I get my car back?

Number 17: I’m 39 who do I only have three teeth?

Number 18: I had sex while pregnant, so now I maybe a grandma, do this make me a moron? 

Number 19: Will my laptop get heavier if I put more files on it? 

Number 20: Does she have a crush on me? 

I met a girl and I really like her, so in middle school I saved an injured bird. She said she noticed that and thought it was inspiring. She told me she was always hoping I’d notice her and talk with her. She’s really popular so I was always nervous to. Anyway, she’s been talking with me a lot and a bit ago she asked if I had a girlfriend. I said no and she said “Well, aren’t you going to ask if I have a boyfriend?” I told her I wouldn’t be surprised if she did and she said “Wrong!”, and then she blushed and said there was a boy she was interested in. And then she left. Does she like me? I like her!!

Best answer: Sounds like she does, I say go for it. Might as well, Life is short and you should enjoy it when you can.

To which the asker replied with: “Thanks but it turns out she was just trying to frame me for murder”. 

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