4 Ways to Increase Your Video Views on YouTube

Building a viable YouTube business is all about generating a sustainable viewership on your channel. For those people looking to make a Living Off YouTube, growing your subscriber base can only be achieved by producing videos that attract solid view counts. In this article I’m going to discuss how you can drive more traffic to your channel and therefore increase your YouTube subscribers.

Views on YouTube

1. Make Higher Quality Videos

First things first, ensure that your videos look great. Appearances are everything when it comes to online media. YouTube has moved on from the days of crummy, pixelated webcams and poor lighting. It’s time to purchase a decent DSLR or prosumer camcorder, you don’t have to break the bank either. It’s important to remember that audience expectations have moved on. In order to be as subscribable as possible, you must produce videos with aesthetically pleasing visuals, in focus, well lit and with good audio. If your DSLR camera doesn’t record good quality audio, consider purchasing an external microphone to mount on the hot shoe such as the Rode VideoMic Pro.

2. Use Social Media

Facebook and Google+ are the web’s biggest social media networks and therefore the most important. Your YouTube channel needs to have a string of spin-off social media platforms connected to it to encourage further discussion on your videos and get to know your audience. Create fan pages for both of these social networks and let your subscribers know about them in your videos and your website. Using social networks in this way is all about reaching your subscribers when they aren’t on YouTube and posting your videos there as embedded posts to generate more views. Avoid constantly spamming these pages with advertisements for your latest videos. Use them only to continue the conversation that you start on your YouTube channel and building a large community following. Likewise use Twitter and employ relevant hashtags in your tweets along with links to your videos. 

3. Create a Blog to Help Promote Your Channel

Nowadays it is essential that all YouTubers have their own online space outside of their channel that they control. Because of the precarious nature of YouTube in which arbitrary changes to the site by Google can result in a sudden drop in views, it’s important to have your own place that you are in full control of. You can develop an entirely separate audience on your website and embed each video you make into your blog posts. My advice to you is to produce a supporting blog post for each video you upload. Well SEO’ed blog posts can be a great way for your videos to be discovered through organic search on Google. 

4. Engage & Be Active

As with any business, it is essential that you stay up to date with what your counterparts and competitors in your niche are doing. As a YouTuber, it is important for you to not only create videos, but to watch them also. Keep a close eye on the content being produced by YouTubers who operate in a similar niche to yourself. It is still important that you engage with their content. Comment on their videos, be positive, constructive and never be envious or begrudge the success of others. Build relationships and reach out to them, you’ll notice that all of these successful YouTube celebrities have one thing in common, they aren’t alone. They didn’t make it on YouTube all by themselves, they had help from others, they worked with people in their specific area of expertise. As in life, forging a successful YouTube career is dependant on being able to network and work well with others.

By becoming a frequent commenter on one of your favourite YouTubers’ channels, you will appear more and more on their radar, they will reply to your comments and after a while, a relationship can develop. Collaborations are a wonderful means of generating cross pollination of subscribers and mutual channel growth. Contact other YouTubers you become friendly with and ask if they’d like to work with you on a YouTube video or series of videos. Be sure to refer your subscribers to their channel, they will do the same for you. This is especially effective if the people you collaborate with make videos in the same genre as you. 

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