Tex Murphy Tesla Effect Tex Murphy Tesla EffectTex Murphy Tesla Effect was released on May 7th 2014 and as a long time Tex fan, I was massively excited about the prospect of seeing the series resurrected. The previous Tex Murphy game was Overseer and was released in 1998, so after a 16 year hiatus, the franchise returns in spectacular fashion. In 2012, the folks at Big Finish Games, led by Chris Jones (AKA Tex Murphy himself) announced that they would attempt to revive interest in their adventure game series through Kickstarter. The campaign to raise funding for the game was successful and now after two years of production, the game is complete and available to purchase and download from GOG.com and Steam.

Tex Murphy Tesla Effect is an adventure game in the film noir, point-and-click, 3D world style and features live actors in an interactive FMV movie experience. This week, I had the opportunity to interview Mat Van Rhoon, Visual Effects Supervisor and Chris Jones on Skype. The interviews were a great privilege for me as a massive fan. The guys provide some fantastic background into the production and discuss every facet of the Tex Murphy game franchise and are greatly appreciative of the support fans have given them.

You and watch the interviews by click on the video boxes below.

For those of you who haven’t yet played Tex Murphy Tesla Effect, I strongly recommend that you check it out, it’s a truly immersive gaming experience and a rewarding one. With two levels of play, 5 different endings, a compelling story, over 5 hours of video footage, beautifully rendered 3D environments, challenging puzzles and more than 40 hours of gameplay, you’re really in for a unique and fun experience.


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