This week, Apple has released an 8GB iPhone 5c, which is designed to target the lower end of the market. The device is identical to all other models within the iPhone 5c lineup expect it has half the storage of the previous entry-level model. Consequently, the price is $40 cheaper than the 16GB model. However, you really have to question Apple’s thinking here, the decision to release this low cost iPhone 5c is likely in response to underwhelming sales of the device when compared to the iPhone 5s. How the introduction of this new 8GB edition will increase sales is beyond me, especially when you consider that this 8GB iPhone 5c is still an overpriced $499.

8GB iPhone 5c

It provides insufficient storage to really make it as a viable high-end smartphone. 8GB is an offensively small amount of storage when you consider how much storage the operating system takes up, at almost 4GB. In addition, once you install a few apps and snap a few HD movies and photos, you’ll have almost no room left at all. 8GB tablets and smartphones are not uncommon in the low-end mobile devices market, however these (Android) devices tend to offer MicroSD expansion to increase internal storage anywhere from 32GB up to 64GB. Apple does not offer such an option with the 8GB iPhone 5c.

This decision smacks of desperation and in my opinion, is a perfect example of something that would simply not happen under the watch of the late Steve Jobs. Apple has attempted to address the problem of an underselling product by turning it into an almost useless one that is still overpriced.  What were they thinking? Even by today’s standards, 16GB is becoming too small a capacity, 8GB is a joke. They should have lowered the price of the 16GB model. My advice is to either choose a completely different smartphone manufacturer or if you have your heart set on an Apple device, spend the extra $40 on the 16GB version.

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