This week on Lack78 we’ve talked about the planet Mars and whether or not you’d be interesting in journeying there one day despite the dangers involved. We also looked at the HP Slate 10 HD tablet, courtesy of our friends at Harvey Norman. This Android Jelly Bean-powered tablet boasts a dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM and Beats Audio, which is certainly a unique differentiator.

I also had the chance to demonstrate to emulate classic Windows and Mac operating systems in your web browser from the following websites: Virtual Desktop and James Friend. These sites allow you to run simplified versions of such operating systems as Windows 95, 98, Millennium, OS 8.6, OS 9 and OS X Cheetah.

Finally this week I ranted about one of my pet peeves of the modern social media world, which is Internet slang and hipster jargon. It’s my belief that the English langauge is being negatively affected by the increasing number of web-inspired memes, shorthand words, abbreviations and other popular Internet lexicon.

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