The rumor mill is abuzz once again with speculation and supposed leaked details of yet another couple of upcoming Apple products. As you might have guessed it, the 2013 iPad and iPhone updates are right around the corner with several news sources claiming that the former will soon be endowed with a 128GB version. According to 9to5Mac, references from within iOS 6.1 and iTunes 11 suggest that Apple will double the maximum storage option available for the fourth generation 9.7-inch iPad from 64Gb to 128GB on both Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi + cellular additions.

Reports have suggested that the iPad 5 could be released as early as March or April and it seems inevitable that the iPhone will soon provide this same storage capacity in due course.

In related news, iLounge reports that Apple intends to unveil a new cheaper version of the iPhone with a plastic construction and similar design cues from the iPhone 5, iPod Touch and iPod Classic. It has been long rumored that Apple would introduce a lower cost iPhone handset in response to the enormous range of more affordable Android devices on the market. In recent weeks these rumors have begun to gather increased momentum.  The report states:

“From the front, the new iPhone looks almost identical to the iPhone 5—the same exact shape, with the same sensor, camera, and button arrangement. The 1136 x 640 screen isn’t a surprise, but will be a nice step up in specs for the lowest-cost iPhone. Rather than making the display flush with the enclosure, as it was in the plastic iPhone 3G/3GS, the front glass sticks out a little, just as it does with the iPhone 5 and iPod touch. Despite the shift to plastic for the rest of the enclosure, our sources believe that Apple will continue to use Gorilla Glass for this model’s screen. 

Differences become more obvious when the new iPhone is turned on the side. The circular volume buttons of the iPhone 4, 4S, and 5 will shift to elongated, pill-shaped designs closer to the iPod touch and iPhone 3G/3GS.”

As with all rumors and speculation such as these, they should really be taken with a pinch of salt, however both reports seem very plausible and more than likely going to come to pass soon. We will keep you informed as things unfold.


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