iMac 2012

If you’ve been drooling over purchasing a new ultra thin 2012 iMac then you may want to grab a hanky, because these things look to become the 2013 iMacs. that’s right, production issues look set to delay shipping on these svelte all-in-on desktops until early 2013. According to French blog MacBidouille, manufacturing problems with the 5mm edge chassis appears to be the cause.

2012 iMacs delayed until 2013?

Apple has achieved this diminutive form factor through the use of a friction-stir welding process, which merges two aluminum surfaces together via heat and pressure. This manufacturing technique is employed in the construction of aircraft wings. The website speculates that the reason for Apple’s difficulty in effectively implementing this process may be down to their inexperience with friction-stir welding.

Furthermore, there is also some issues surrounding the production of the new iMac’s displays. The 45% thinner screens make use of a lamination process that sucks out all of the air between the display and the chassis. Mobile devices like smartphones and tablets have been using this space saving trick for a while now, but employing it in the manufacturing of a larger screen appears to be not quite as straight forward.

At present, this story is only a rumor but there does appear to be a growing number of sources all verifying that the production of the new iMac is not going swimmingly. However, several sites do differ on the length of the delay of release, with still maintaining that the iMacs will be available before the holiday season.


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