Tired of porting over your retro PC games purchased on GOG.com to your Mac? Well, you’ll be happy to know that this week Good old games (www.gog.com) have expanded their platform support by bringing some all-time retro gaming classics to the Mac. 50 titles have been ported to OS X including Syndicate, Ultima series, Wing Commander, Simcity 2000, Little Big Adventure, The Witcher 2 and one of my personal favorite strategy games, Theme Hospital. The folks at Gog.com promise many more exciting titles for the Mac, both old and new, so stay tuned for more.

Good old Games for the Mac

To complete the nostalgic gaming experience, you can even download high-quality scans of the original game documentation and booklets. At launch, there will be a 50% price reduction, so if you’re interested in any of the 50 old school titles, head on over there now to pick up a good deal. They’ve also created a humorous Apple-style spoof promo marketing video to advertise this announcement, check out the video below by clicking play on the video box.


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