In the world of consumer technology, there is always some tantalising gadget on the horizon just waiting to lighten our wallets. Our appetite for that new fangled device, software product, component or computer is sufficiently moistened by the global electronics roadshows, conferences and press events from various manufacturers. Anticipation for that new purchase is always part of the excitement. The final quarter of 2012 looks to be one of the biggest and most frenetic product launch windows in recent years. Tech giants and long standing rivals will all be grappling for top spot in the upcoming holiday shopping lists and the mobile arena will be hotly contested.

Apple has an enormity of products to update with iMacs and Mac Pros among the most eagerly awaiting in their lineup, along with a certain 13-inch Retina Display MacBook Pro. However it’s their new 2012 iPhone and the elusive iPad Mini (rumored name) that will likely steal all the headlines. Microsoft also have their own plethora of tech toys to excite this fourth quarter, with both Windows 8 and RT operating systems expected soon along with their new flagship Surface Tablets. Smartphones and tablets sequels make for a consistent theme across the board with the HTC Desire X2, Amazon Kindle Fire 2 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 all expected to get tech geek hearts racing this winter.

In this week’s tech poll, we’re asking you: Which tech product are you most excited about this year? Looking forward to your comments as always.


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