This week, Google has launched its first ever high-speed fiber network in the city of Kansas, which provides residents with both TV and internet services. Google Fiber offers a staggering 1Gbps upload and download internet connection along with hundreds of television channels and broadcast networks, on-demand services like YouTube and Netflix and DVR capabilities. The DVR box offers 2TB of hard drive storage and the ability to record up to eight channels at the same time. The 1Gbps upload and download speed represents a 100 fold increase over the average Internet connection found in most American homes.

Google is also throwing in 1TB of cloud storage and a remote app for Android and iOS devices. They even promise a free Nexus 7 tablet or Chromebook with each of their aggressively priced packages. Customers pay the installation fee of $300 and then select one of the following packages: Gigabit Internet + TV for $120 per month or Internet-only for $70 per month.

Additionally for those who simply pay the one-off $300 fee, Google provide a free 5Mbps Internet connection for seven years. There is still no official word just yet as to when Google will be rolling out this new fiber network service to other US states. To find out more about Google Fiber, check out the the promo video by clicking on the embedded YouTube video box below:





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