For those of you who may have missed my most recent technology news videos on YouTube now is the perfect time to catch up. On July 5th I uploaded the video entitled: ACTA Defeated! / 75-inch Smart TV / iPad Mini. In this video I discuss the defeat of ACTA in the European Parliament, the ES9000 75-inch Smart TV from Samsung and rumors of the new iPad Mini. Next up is my most controversial video yet. On July 7th I uploaded a feature blog entitled: Google’s Project Glass: The Destruction of Humanity. This video questions whether Google’s Project Glass device is socially destructive to our society.

I argue that it may cause its users to become removed and withdrawn from reality and addicted to its functions. Could it create a kind of Orwellian Dystopian future?  Finally on July 10th I provided the first tech news roundup of the week with a video called: New iPod Nano / 13-inh Retina MacBook Pro / Windows 8. In this blog I talk about rumors of a new redesigned iPod Nano, a 13-inch Macbook Pro with retina display and Microsoft’s release of Windows 8 is due in October. Furthermore Samsung have won the latest round of legal battles against Apple. Click on the video boxes below to watch them now.


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