Jailbreaking iOS devices is nothing new. Cydia has allowed the iPhone to be unlocked and modified with new innovative features designed by enterprising users. For those who are tired of being chained to Apple’s limited ecosystem, Jailbreaking brings apps and functionality that should have been there all along. Considering Google’s Android OS allows for far more customization with UI skins, active wallpapers and true multitasking, it’s no wonder more and more iOS users are blowing away their warranties and getting their jailbreak on. Since last week the new Absinthe Jailbreak app has reached over 1 million downloads and 1/5 of those are from iPads. This untethered mod is extremely quick to install requiring the user to undertake just four easy steps. Full instructions can be found at the Green Poison website by clicking here. As with all jailbreaks you should first perform a full system backup before proceeding by connecting directly to iTunes using the 30-pin dock connector that came with your iOS device.

In today’s technology survey I’m asking you: Have you Jailbroken your iOS device? Be sure to leave comments below describing the kinds of Jailbreaking apps and features you are currently running and outline your experiences with them so far.


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