Our modern world of mobile computing has arguably become a shallow place where image is more important than functionality. The brand of smartphone you carry in your pocket can sometimes speak volumes about your style and identity. It has become a sad reality of our rampant consumerist society. In truth the only real motivation for choosing one smartphone manufacturer over another should be down to more practical considerations. These include build quality, ease of use, support, aesthetics, features, performance and probably the most influential factor – the operating system.

OS options are of course limited to Apple’s ubiquitous iOS, which naturally ties you into their eco-system, Google’s customizable Android and Microsoft’s emerging Windows Phone. Each one provides you with a different user experience and in some cases, radically alternative implementations of common features. Your preference of one OS over the other may come down to brand loyalty, the choice of apps available, the navigation system or something else. Regardless it is no doubt a major factor in deciding which handset manufacturer you select.

In today’s Technology survey we are asking: Who is your favorite smartphone manufacturer?


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