There have been a few keyboard accessory cases for the iPad since its introduction. It’s clear that there is an aftermarket niche for tablet-to-quasi-notebook conversion options out there, although some manufacturers factor this into their slates from the beginning like the ASUS Transformer Prime. Until Apple decide to include this functionality in their tablets, consumers will have to continue to rely on third-parties. Enter Logitech. They have just unleashed their latest keyboard case for the second and third-generation iPads called the Ultrathin Keyboard Cover. Calling it a cover is perhaps an oblique reference to the fact that it functions in much the same way as Apple’s smart covers do, by attaching itself to the iPad via the built-in magnets.

It connects to the iOS device through bluetooth and the keyboard includes a built-in magnetic stand just above the keys to make it ideal for extended typing use. Naturally the keyboard will cause a minor drain on battery life, providing 6 months on a single charge based on an average of just two hours use per day. At €99 it’s priced €29 more than Apple’s wireless keyboard, however Logitech’s solution provides you with a stylish and convenient travel accessory that will offer the same protection as a smart cover, while affording the productivity experience of a notebook.


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