According to one of Good E-Reader’s sources, Amazon could open their first brick-and-morter retail store in Seattle sometime later this year. This first store is expected to enable the Washington-based multinational to test the waters with regards to the viability of the concept in their home state before potentially rolling out a string of chains internationally. The initial focus of the store will be on Amazon’s traditional bread and butter business of books, e-Readers and tablets. The source also maintains that Amazon will take a conservative approach to the store’s design by keeping the retail experience boutique-sized and stocking shelves with Kindle e-Readers and Kindle Fire tablets. Among the other items expected to fill the aisles will be various accessories for their devices with a plethora of USB adaptors, cases and screen protectors.

Of course if e-Reading isn’t your thing and you prefer the touch and feel of a traditional paperback, Amazon will also stock physical books, which have been produced through their own publishing division. The design of the store is being kept under wraps and has been contracted to a shell company to maintain secrecy. Good E-reader believes that the store could open in Seattle as early as the autumn and may possibly coincide with the launch of the new Kindle Fire 2. On the subject of the second generation Kindle tablet, rumors are suggesting that it may undergo a name change along with increased storage. It remains to be seen if Amazon will attempt to compete directly with Apple’s upcoming iPad 3 by producing a version of the tablet with a larger screen and quad-core processor.


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