Let your eyes do the clicking could easily be the motto to Tobii’s new eye-tracking controller system. Demoed at CES this week, a sensor unit seated below your computer’s monitor will track where your eyes are physically looking on the display and interpret them as cursor movements and clicks. The latest demonstration saw the Gaze interface at work on a Windows 8 laptop with the metro tile UI enabled.

The user can swipe from one screen of icons to another and highlight a specific app. At present the system still requires the user to physically tap the trackpad with their finger in order to take action. However this system does have enormous benefits over using Windows 8 in the conventional tablet input style. For example when using a touchscreen tapping with your finger on a link obviously obscures the link itself. With Tobii’s Gaze interface this problem is eliminated. At present however the eye-tracking control system is still not consumer friendly due its prototype price point of $6000 and its chunky design, which would not be easy to implement into a traditional laptop or desktop monitor. However there is certainly significant potential here. Such a system could allow desktop computers and laptops to challenge tablet and smartphones touchscreen devices in terms of interactive ease of use and intuitiveness. Click on the video box above to view the demonstration video from the folks at Tobii.


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