In this weeks YouTube videos from Lack78 and DaveKnowsStuff I discuss plenty of technology related stories along with some important cultural and political topics that pretty much everyone can relate to. As always I’m looking forward to your comments on these videos. On Tuesday November 8th I uploaded the Computing Forever video: “How the Internet is making you Stupid”. In this 5 minute vlog I offer a critical analysis of how the Internet may be negatively affecting the human brain and reducing our ability to read long form text, think intellectually and concentrate for extended periods. Drawing on current research studies this is a video that every long term Internet user should watch. Click on the video boxes below to watch the videos.

The second video uploaded this week, Saturday November 12th is entitled: 7 Billion People: Are we overpopulating Earth? I discuss the fact that the human population of our planet has increased to 7 Billion from 1 Billion in just 200 years and ponder whether we have the resources and space to accommodate much more. Considering our growth rate is increasing exponentially year-on-year some experts maintain that overcrowding in our cities is inevitable and that we cannot sustain this continued expansion. However the U.N. believes that we may be headed for a plateauing period in which the population will stabilise at 10 Billion by the middle of this century.

On Sunday November 13th two more video were uploaded to Lack78 entitled: Robot solves Rubik’s Cube and Memods Custom Xbox 360 Cases. These videos were filmed during the Toys 4 Big Boys 2011 exhibition at Citywest Hotel in Dublin. The event always throws up a few surprise exhibits and Peter Redmond’s Rubot 2 Rubik’s Cube solving Robot certainly entertained us. are an Irish startup company who provided us with a Toys 4 Big Boys exclusive. If your looking for a modified or custom designed Xbox 360 chassis then check out the video below and be sure to follow the links to their YouTube and Facebook pages.


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