Easter eggs, you’ve got to love them. Secret hidden features, wacky jokes and games within games are nothing new and date back to the 1980’s Atari title, Adventure. Hidden tracks on CDs can also be considered Easter eggs and occasionally you might find one lurking inside of productivity apps like the flight simulator in Microsoft Excel 97.  With the advent of DVD in the latter part of the 90s they began to crop up in the form of hidden behind the scenes footage and secret interviews. These days Google are demonstrating they have a unique sense of humor with their own brand of clever search engine results.

This week Twitter was abuzz with talk of their latest Easter egg addition ‘Do a barrel role’. This is a subtle throw back to the classic 90s Nintendo title Starfox. Searching for this command in Google will literally spin the entire page 360 degrees, which showcases Google’s new CSS level 3 transitions and transforms. This is possibly up there with ‘Google Gravity’ as the most technically sophisticated Easter egg to ever grace the popular search engine. Today we’re going to provide you with a list of 8 well known Google Easter eggs and 1 from YouTube. These can be a fun way to wile away a few minutes of web surfing time so be sure to give them a try if you haven’t already. Feel free to provide your own Easter eggs by commenting below, be they from Google or indeed anywhere else.

1. Do a Barrel Roll (Spins the screen)

2. Anagram (Returns search result: “Did you mean Nag a Ram?”)

3. Recursion  (Returns search result: “Recursion?”)

4. Google Gravity (Watch Google fall to the ground)

5. The Loneliest number (Number 1 of course)

6. Askew (Tilts the screen)

7. Ascii art (Changes font to Ascii)

8. Answer to life, the universe and everything (Number 42, a reference to the Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy)

9. YouTube snake game (click on video box, hold left arrow key for four seconds, then press down arrow)

Click on the video box below to play today’s featured video, which demonstrates all of these Easter Eggs:


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