With the launch of the fifth-generation iPhone fast approaching, rumored features and spec details are arriving thick and fast with Uswitch.com the latest to chime in with their own brand of speculation. Although there is no confirmation yet as to whether Apple will be calling the smartphone the iPhone 4S or the iPhone 5, Uswitch have added a listing in their handset inventory for an iPhone 5. No new details can be gleaned from the brief description of the product however, as the information appears to be a rehashing of long standing rumors of old such as a sleeker form factor, NFC (Near Field Communication) technology for wireless payment transactions and Face Recognition Security. The online telephone comparison and switching service states that it’s deals for the iPhone 5 are “coming soon”.

uswitch.com list the upcoming iPhone 5 with some rumored features.

Other features that we might expect from the iPhone 5 include a faster A5 processor, a dual-core GPU and possibly a 64GB storage option. Although no official press invitations have been sent to the media just yet, Apple are rumored to be holding a launch event for the fifth-gen iPhone on Tuesday October 4th. New CEO Tim Cook will take the lead of the keynote presentation for the first time. All will be revealed in just 10 days.


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