Although Computing Forever has recently become less dependent on YouTube for it’s Vlogging needs with the introduction of Dailymotion, it nevertheless seemed appropriate to mark the special occasion that was our 500th video on Google’s ubiquitous video sharing site. Yesterday Monday August 29th my 500th YouTube video was uploaded to Lack78. Technically the 500th Video had already been made long ago due to the fact that many early Lack78 videos had been removed in the past due to copyright reasons and if you consider the 28 videos currently on DaveKnowsStuff I’ve done quite a bit more than 500. Still I felt that celebratory videos are indeed an important part of taking stock of the enormous success that I have enjoyed on YouTube thus far. It continues to remain the primary vehicle for new content and at 12 thousand subscribers to date it also forms the majority of the Computing Forever audience. In this special 500th video I take a humorous and comedic “look back” through the “history” of Computing Forever in what I hope you will find to be a fun and enjoyable little spoof video. I would like to thank each and every one of you for your continued support of Computing Forever and Lack78 and I look forward to seeing where the next 500 videos takes us.

Best wishes


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