Lenovo plans to target the small to medium market with it’s latest desktop PC the ThinkCentre Edge 71. The neat and tidy package contains the current crop of core series Sandy Bridge processors from Intel along with AMD’s own latest and greatest chips and includes integrated graphics. Storage options offer up to 1TB of hard drive space with SSD drives available also. RAM can be maxed out to 8GB. You can expect a range of security and business class features such as BIOS-included password protection, Power Manager, System Update and Rescue and Recovery.

The ThinkCentre Edge 71 also provides 6 USB ports, DVD drive, Gigabit Ethernet and an optional wireless mouse and keyboard combo. Prices start from $369 and you can expect an October launch. In related news Lenovo have subsequently introduced two new displays in the form of the 21.5-inch LS2221 and 23.6-inch LS2421p. They offer “10 million to one” dynamic contrast ratio and higher energy efficiency than even nergy Star requirements. The LED backlit displays will set you back $229 and $299 respectively.


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