Hey all, just a quick note to say that Computing Forever and all it’s bloggy Tech news goodness will be on hiatus till Friday 5th of August. Its time for me to vacate the country for some much needed R&R and just generally chillax after what has been a hectic summer. I’ve decided not to bring my laptop for this trip as I really think that it’s important for us Tech talking folks to get our heads out of the LED screens once in a while and unplug from the convoluted communications labyrinth of email, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook. One of the great things that I appreciate about travel abroad is that my iPhone effectively turns into a regular phone handset thanks to the absurdly extortionate data roaming charges. So in some ways its a blessing because it means I can’t do any compulsive checking of emails or web surfing. Except if I have Wi-Fi in which case I need to demonstrate some self control for a change.

I’m sure by the time I’m on the Plane heading home I’ll be antsy for some video bloggage as my iMovie will be feeling the loneliness for the next week. I’m sure he’ll be able to hang out with his other application friends in my OS X Dock. I’d like to thank everyone for their continued support of the website since it’s launch in February. Computingforever.com is now 5 months old today and in that time I’ve produced over 230 articles. You can expect some Daveknowsstuff content upon my return along with all the latest Tech news and rumors next Friday on YouTube/Lack78 and Dailymotion/Computingforever so be sure to check back then.

All the best.


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