It began as a fun home movie project and ended up being one of my most creative endeavors. Today Tuesday July 26th I’ve uploaded the third and final part in this popular iPhone Time Machine App film series. “Is Time Travel Possible” closes out the story and ties up the dangling loose ends in what I hope is a satisfying conclusion. Part one entitled “iPhone Time Machine App Review” kicked things off back on April 27th of this year. In that video I reviewed a fictional time travel app for iOS and was accidentally sent back to a field somewhere in France 1941. Unfortunately my iPhone’s battery failed and I’m left with no way of charging it. In part two “1941: Time and Again” I attempt to plot my escape from War time Paris by using the archaic tools of the time in order to restore some power back into my depleted iPhone battery. Upon completing repairs my past self sends the iPhone back into the future to the Dave of April 2011. A video message from the 1941 Dave informs his future self to delete the time travel app immediately. Dave of the future is left with two iPhones and a number of unanswered questions specifically, what was the ultimate fate of his past self?

In the third and final chapter of the saga I’ve managed to fill in the remaining plot holes and story gaps from part two by telling the story from the perspective of the Dave of 1941. We again witness Dave’s repair of the iPhone battery but this time we actually witness both the recording of the warning message and the actual teleportation of the iPhone from 1941 to 2011. Through some newspaper headlines we learn that past Dave has joined the French resistance as their leader. His knowledge of the past has even helped them gain a tactical advantage over the Germans. However the Gestapo soon zero in on Dave and have him taken out later that year. At the end of the video we come up to the present day and ask: Do you believe Time Travel is possible?

All three parts of the series can be viewed below in the embedded video boxes. I’d like to thank all of my YouTube subscribers and Computing Forever followers for their support and kind words. The entire series is also available on

Part One: iPhone Time Machine App Review


Part Two: 1941 Time and Again

Part Three: Is Time Travel Possible?


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