I’m pleased to announce that Computing Forever is branching out in the world of online video sharing with the launch of our new Dailymotion account. Visit http://www.dailymotion.com/ComputingForever to see our latest videos. YouTube will remain our primary source for all of our new Video content but Dailymotion will also have some exclusive blogs, reviews, unboxings and unedited editions of the videos found on YouTube.  I think its going to make for an exciting new chapter in the history of the site and indeed the community. The potential benefits of having an additional video sharing website are enormous. I’ve always believed in keeping your eggs in as many baskets as possible and with Dailymotion’s beautiful design, sleek uploader, quality interface and unique approach to content promotion it will open up a range of new opportunities for further growth and development.

Click on the video below to watch an exclusive unedited edition of our latest video: OS X Lion, Mac Updates July 2011. Be sure to subscribe to use over there and stay tuned for more videos from both YouTube and Dailymotion.


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