If your MacBook Pro’s external backup drive has become packed to the platters with your movies, photos and presumably very legally downloaded music, then it might be time to consider an upgrade to the latest monstrous My Book Studio Drive from Western Digital. The Mac edition of the popular external storage solution has been increased to a monstrous 3TB and will provide interfaces for FireWire 400/800 and USB 2.0. As Macs simply don’t support USB 3.0 its hardly a surprise to find the high speed I/O port absent on these latest My Book drives, although I would have expected to see ThunderBolt present as an alternative.

This storage size increase comes just 2 weeks after Apple updated their own Time Capsule external drive to 3TB. Interestingly enough the Time Capsule and the WD My Book Studio 3TB both make use of Caviar Green-based hard disks inside. Western Digital has encased the drive in a new aluminum enclosure, which will allow for improved cooling while also matching the design of every Mac in the lineup with the exception of the White Plastic MacBook. Although it comes Mac-ready it can be easily formatted for NTFS so you can use it with your Windows PC. The My Book Studio 3TB external drive is available now for $250.


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