This weekend Asus has added two new Gaming Notebooks in their G74 lineup. First up is the G74SX-A1 which offers a 17.4-inch display at 1080p resolution with a Core i7 CPU and a powerful GPU in the form of the Nvidia Geforce GTX 560M. RAM starts at 12GB upgradable to 16GB. Theres also a Blu-Ray drive, 750GB hard drive with a backlit keyboard and USB 3 support. Prices for the G74SX-A1 start from $1,745. The more powerful brother is the G74SX-3DE and as the name suggests its features a 3D display. Prices start at $1979.

Acer have also decided to employ a Matte display on the 3D notebook, which is something that may please many users who are tired of the reflective nature of glossy screens. Although a glossy option is still expected for the G74SX-A1. Both notebooks offer tool-less access to the hard drives and RAM along with FastBoot technology. The G74 series notebooks are available to pre-order now and are expected to officially go on sale on June 28th.


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