If you can’t wait on for the unified high speed I/O of ThunderBolt to provide one port to rule them all then for the time being you could have a look at what Asus are doing with USB 3.0. Their new 24-inch monitor called the Ms248B provides full power and display output via a USB 3.0 port at the back. Whats more it consumes less than a third of the energy of traditional DC-powered displays at about 9W.

The resolution comes in at a solid HD 1920 x 1080 with 10,000,000:1 contrast ratio. Its also only just 16.5mm thick. As a result of the low power consumption there are no additional I/O ports attached so you won’t be finding a webcam, audio jacks, additional USB or memory card expansion points etc. Nevertheless this 24-inch Asus Ms248B display provides some serious energy savings and the added benefit of giving you back a power socket under your desk. Asus are yet to provide any details on when this display will go on sale or what the price might be but we can expect more of these USB 3.0-powered displays to show up throughout 2011.


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