In Todays featured article I’m asking: How Many Computers are in Your home? 15 years ago having more than two or three PCs in your house was tantamount owning a comms room. Nowadays its not uncommon for every member of the household to have at least one computer each. The days of the one primary family desktop PC are slowly disappearing and according to a recent poll the average home in the US has at least 3 computers. In this article we are including both Macs and PCs and everything from desktops, laptops, netbooks and tablets although we are excluding DVRs and smartphones. At one stage in my own home there were has many as 9 computers, now I’ve reduced it to a more manageable 5 and only three of those are active regularly. My primary machine is my iMac with my mobile computing needs met by my 13-inch Macbook Pro. Every tech geek needs a backup machine and for me it’s an old Dell Optiplex running Windows XP two other mothballed desktops now lurk in the darkened recesses of my attic. Be sure to include as much detail in terms of specifications for each computer as possible

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