Samsung have introduced a new all-in-one desktop PC described as being ‘slim and stylish’ it certainly is an aesthetically pleasing design. Its called the Smart One AF315 and it features a 23-inch display at a resolution of 1920 x 1080. The display itself is 3D capable and the requisite active shutter glasses are included so those big blue Na’vi from Avatar can come bursting out of the screen! The bezel around the display is worth mentioning as it is extremely low profile at just 11mm. The machine also features Intel Sandy Bridge Core i5 CPUs, 1 TB of hard drive storage, 4GB of RAM, Blu-ray, remote control and a TV tuner.

The Smart One AF315 also provides a handy wireless mouse and keyboard combo and you’ll also find a whole host of I/O connectivity options along with USB 3 ports. To enhanced your media center experience theres also full 3D SRS sound capabilities. Theres no word on the official launch worldwide but its expected to launch in Korea on Thursday the 26th (tomorrow) for $2000.


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