HP has unveiled an entirely new consumer desktop line today with the launch of three new towers, the Pavilion, p7 and Slimline s5 and Elite h8. The entire range offers the latest AMD Phenom and Intel Sandy Bridge series CPUs with GPUs supplied by AMD Radeon and Nvidia Geforce discrete graphics. The press release for this new series of desktops reads as follows:

  • For everyday computing at a great value, the HP Pavilion P7 series PCs offer generous hard drive space for photos, music and video. Premium graphics enhance picture quality, and built-in support for multichannel surround sound offers a powerful audio experience.

  • Fitting in even the smallest space, the HP Pavilion Slimline s5 performance series PCs are less than half the size of conventional PC towers, but configurable to offer maximum storage and processors to support the most demanding multitaskers.

  • The HP HPE h8 series PCs are the most powerful Pavilion PCs to date. Select models are available with up to three internal hard drives, AMD Phenom or Intel® Core™ i7 processors, and high-end NVIDIA or ATI graphics. The HPE h8 series PCs offer the ultimate computing experience in a sleek and simple design. The PCs also support multiple displays so users can be more productive with up to three monitors.


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