Its all too easy to get carried away by the fancy, shiny and razor thin consumer Tablet offerings from Samsung, Apple, Motorola, RIM and others but for those looking for a rugged and durable Slate PC that can take all manner of abuse, then Xplore Technologies’ iX104C5 DM series is for you. Designed to withstand practical real-world knocks and drops in the fields of Warehousing, Manufacturing, Transportation, Field Service and other such industries the iX104C5 features a 10.4-inch display, an Intel Core i7 620 UE processor with Turbo Boost Technology (up to 2.13 GHz) and runs Windows 7. The display offers a maximum resolution of 1024×768 and dual-mode functionality, which offers a resistive finger touch experience along with active pen inputs with auto-switching technology. The enhanced display is ideal for indoor and outdoor ambient light applications. The GPU is a mobile integrated HD chipset. RAM begins at 2GB and can be scaled to 8GB. The 10 cell battery will provide 6.5 hours of runtime and is removable. Impressively its also warm swappable, which is useful for those crunch moments in the field.

Other hardware specs include Wi-Fi 802.11n, Optional Integrated Mobile Broadband: GOBI 2000 Wireless HSDPA/HSUPA, Bluetooth, GPS and a Biometric fingerprint reader. You’ll find 2 USB ports, VGA out, MicroSD, Sim Card slot and Programmable Application Buttons. The iX104C5 line is a portable heavy weight at 2.27KG and is built to survive a wide range of environmental hazards and elements such as 1.22M drops onto concrete, heavy rain, dust and dirt, constant vehicle or fork truck vibration, temperature extremes of -4° F to 140° F (-20° C to 60° C), Thermal Shock, blowing sand and dust, extremes of humidity, crash shock, altitudes as much as 40,000 ft, fungus growth for extended periods, fluid contamination and solar radiation. Theres also 4 editions of the Tablet built for other specific industries including The iX104C5 DMCR for clean rooms. Xplore Technologies have not yet provided pricing details but you can contact them directly for a quote.


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