Fueling further rumors of its impending demise the Zune HD media player has been reduced in price by Microsoft. The 16GB edition will now set you back $169 and the 32GB model is now coming in under the $200 mark. The 64GB version remains at $349 however. If the device is indeed killed off then its most unfortunate to say the least but the omens were not good for the Zune HD given its relatively poor sales performance and Microsoft’s decision to integrate the Zune’s software into the new Windows Phone 7 OS. In the end given the difficulties in challenging the runaway popularity of the iPod Lineup its probably for the best. Now Microsoft are free to focus on refining WP7 for various third party manufacturer smartphone handsets on the market, which is a place where they can truly compete with the technologies developed in the Zune HD.

Nevertheless these price drops are great news for anyone looking for a high quality MP3 / Media Player device and at these price points they won’t be available for long. Our advice is to check out as many online retailers as possible as prices are believed to differ so shopping around for the best deal is a good idea. Despite its relative lack of success this is still a solid sleek and powerful media player device that for the most part was well received by consumers and critics alike. In my view the Zune HD had the potential for greatness had the Zune brand name been firmly established a little sooner. The fact that Microsoft didn’t officially release it outside of the USA was another major insurmountable road block however.


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