Dell’s newly updated workstation Precision Laptops are due to launch in the US on May 10th but have already started selling in the UK. There are two new models in the line, M4600 series and the M6600. The 15-inch M4600 features the latest Sandy Core i5 and i7 CPUs from Intel. It provides a full-sized keyboard complete with a numeric keypad, which is hard to find on a 15-inch Notebook. The graphics processing comes courtesy of the Nvidia Quadro 1000M or 2000M, which boast 1 or 2GB of GDDR 5 Memory. Theres plenty of I/O connectivity and expansion potential with two USB 3.0 ports and 1 USB 2.0 port and a USB / eSata Combo. The M4600 also offers VGA, Display port and HDMI video outputs. Hard drive storage can be scaled to 750GB. Prices start from $1,678.

The bigger brother the M6600 is a 17.6-inch workstation with Dell’s True-Life display technology and supports up to 32GB of RAM. It offers two CPU options either the Core i5 2.5GHz quad-core or the Core i7-2920XM. Dual hard drive options are available with user customization allowing for two physical 256GB solid state drives if your so inclined. Of course mechanical drive options are also available with Raid facilities too. The M6600 also provides a substantial GPU power boost thanks to a wide variety of discrete boards like the AMD FirePro M8900 or the NVIDIA Quadro 5010M with a gargantuan 4GB of onboard memory. Choosing Nvidia’s CPU allows you to output to 4 external displays. Prices start from $2,590.


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