A source from Intego have discovered a new malware application called MACDefender, which is downloaded to a user’s Mac through Search Engine Optimization poisoning attacks. MACDefender is not to be confused with the genuine Mac Defender software. The malware appears to exploit a weakness in the Safari web browser and diverts users to a web site that contains JavaScript. Once affected the application automatically beings downloading a ZIP file. Once downloaded the user is prompted to install the MACDefender software via a setup installer. 2.8 MB of hard drive storage are needed for the installation and the user must enter their administrator password to proceed. Obviously this malware is designed to trick some users into believing that it is an authentic anti-malware application.

If you believe your Mac has been affected by MACDefender it is recommended that you quit any processes associated with MACDefender via the Activity Monitor. You can then drag the software from the applications folder into the trash to remove it. Be sure to run a thorough system search for any related or associated files to MACDefender. Obviously it goes without saying that you should never install any unsolicited software from pop up prompts on the internet as it is largely spyware and malware based.


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