So your hard drive or media storage tank is down to it’s last few gigs of free space and your struggling to choose between saving your favorite movies or family photos? Well now you can keep both thanks to I-O Data’s new HDCA-UT3.0K 3TB external Hard drive. Yes thats quite a mouthful for a model name but this gargantuan behemoth offers 3 Terabytes of internal storage and can be accessed via lightning fast USB 3.0 but is of course backward compatible with USB 2.0.

The HDCA-UT3.0K 3TB not only works as a excellent desktop storage companion for your computer but it also includes a clever USB recording mode for use with your Television. This mean that the device can be used as a home media player also. The drive measures 39mm x 185mm x 120mm weighing in at just over 1KG. It is fully Mac and PC compatible and will also offer 1TB and 2TB versions. Expect the HDCA-UT3.0K 3TB to be available Stateside in mid-May for about $324.


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